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The best water right at your home

AquaN Pure crystal clear water goes through a rigorous 8 stage purification process
to meet the most stringent Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for water purity vide is 14345.

Mountain AquaN water right at your home

AquaN water treatment plant is equipped with the state of the art of system of on-line dosing,multistage micron filtration
reverse osmosis process UV sterilization anozonation the source water to be bottled

Stay healthy, drink AquaN water

AquaN pure for sure packaged drinking water has cleared all 16 pesticide residual tests
and guarantees purity at every drop.

Our Quality

AquaN Water is tested for all chemicals and microbiological parameter both in house and outside tabs to ensure the water we serve is of the highest quality standards.

Our Target

AquaN urged by the goals of the Aqua Green Revolution to provide every Indian easy access to purified drinking water and to support initiatives that rejuvenate the Earth's natural sources of pristine drinking water.

Our Services

At AquaN we give utmost importance to quality and services.All AquaN production facilities have there own quality testing labs that ensure that every AquaN Product is made as per quality guidlines set by the (BIS)

Water from one of the cleanest places on Earth

AquaN. The purest part of you. Make your body happy.
AquaN. Purity guaranteed.

Mineral water is water obtained from rocks. It is often collected from springs or from underground rivers when they emerge from the rocks. Mineral waters are very clean and have no germs in it. Because they have been held in rocks for a long time they often contain chemicals that have come from the rocks. This chemicals can give the water an interesting taste. Some mineral waters may be good for health. Because some underground water comes to the surface from very deep layers in the earth, it can also have carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it. This can make the water fizzy.

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About Us

Known all over India as the brand that pioneered the concept of mineral water, bottled with its distinct blue label,today AquaN is a household name.

We want every person to have access to clean and affordable drinking water. And what drives us towards this goal is our PASSION to constantly move from "Consumer Satisfaction" to "Consumer Delight".

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Company Reputation

Here are the set of values that form the core of who we are.

We believe that a good LEADER controls the overall growth of a team. From treating all team members with dignity, recognising their strengths to constantly keeping them motivated.To come up with the best work, CO-OPERATION, effective communication within all team members and TRANSPARENCY in every action is required. Any success without INTEGRITY is as good as failure.

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Our Products

500 ml Packaged Drinking Water

We are one of the leading names in the industry that offers our clients with Packaged Drinking Water 500 ml.

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1 ltr Packaged Drinking Water

We hold expertise in offering a wide range of 1 Liter Packaged Drinking Water.Processed as per indian standards

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2 ltr Packaged Drinking Water

We hold expertise in offering a wide range of 2 Liter Packaged Drinking Water.Processed as per indian standards

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20 ltr Packaged Drinking Water

Our valuable customers can purchase from us wide gamut of 20 Litre Jar For Packaged Drinking Water.

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